suicide by cop?

this is something new to me – apparently, according to the brooklyn PD, a young man who was gunned down by officers yesterday in bed-stuy may have provoked his own death by holding a hairbrush and, according to officers (but contrary to eyewitness reports), “charging toward the officers”.

The police said they were also exploring the possibility that Mr. Coppin was trying to prompt a shooting, a phenomenon known as “suicide by cop.”

I’ve never heard of this phenomenon…is it quite common among young black men who have 20 or more bullets fired at them by police officers?  Bullshit pile of crap.

I can’t write any more.  I’m just pissed.


One Response to “suicide by cop?”

  1. Hey, this is actually a huge area of research in the field of suicide as well. When people engage in reckless behaviors and then do things that they KNOW will get them killed. It’s a pretty well accepted phenomenon…by everyone, not just young black men…though I think it does get used as an excuse.

    A lot of times severely depressed persons will, rather than shooting themselves, come out of their homes when in a standoff or whatnot with their gun and refuse to put it down, or just aim it at a cop.

    Anyway…they didn’t just make it up.

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