wonder washer

so we’re buying this thing called the wonder washer. it’s a small, non-electrical, water-saving (at least in theory!) washing machine. here’s a link to a review on it, in which somebody actually calculated up about how much energy/water it takes and saves. i’ve been looking for something we can put in the apartment, so once the baby’s born i can at least do HIS laundry in:

1. the apartment. i’m going to be doing his stuff every day or two, especially because we’re using cloth diapers, and i fear the idea of hauling him to the laundromat or laundry room every day!!!

2. a machine that only we use. i don’t use bleach or softener in our clothes, and i use eco-friendly stuff. however, i KNOW that when i put my ‘grown-up’ clothes in the washer (and dryer for that matter) that i run the risk of having somebody else’s bleach, softener, detergent, or whatever get into and possibly stain my clothes. i can accept that for my clothes, but not for baby.

i was pretty skeptical of this when i first saw it, but…we’re going to give it a shot! the only downside is that wringing out clothes = huge pain in the butt. so…i think we’re ALSO going to invest in a spin dryer.

i had actually never heard of this before, but it basically just spins really fast for a few minutes, getting clothing to the point of being damp, and easily hang-dryable quickly. i might not worry about this, except for this whole cloth diaper thing. cloth diapers are notoriously slow to air-dry anyway, and if i’m wringing them out by hand, i really do worry they will literally take days and days to dry, so i see this as a reasonable investment and use of electricity. plus it takes less energy than a regular dryer and runs for, i think, max 5 minutes per load, as opposed to the regular dryer, which uses…i don’t even KNOW how long anymore…

so this is a new eco-happy venture for us – i’ll write more later once they arrive to update how it’s going!


One Response to “wonder washer”

  1. mermaid mommy Says:

    The little washer looks handy and it’s not a huge financial investment so if it doesn’t work out at least you’re not out hundreds of dollars.

    I can’t believe his arrival date is less than 3 weeks away. Wow. Please tell Daddy Ola to call us asap when the Ola Jr. makes his way into the world!!

    We’ll be thinking of you and hoping for a great labor/delivery experience.

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