bumpin’ bikes

a phenomenon that i’ve only seen in new york is the habit of men, usually hailing from a caribbean or central american country, riding bicycles with stereo systems mounted on them.  they cause me to be torn between doubling over in laughter, awed fascination, and a little bit of jealously 🙂  i mean, these guys don’t have cars – lots of us here don’t – but they still want to play their music loud so as to (pick a word) annoy, amuse, entertain everyone within a block radius.  my favorite place to watch them is in spanish harlem at the north end of central park.  watching guys with a pimped out trek bike is just too good.  anyway, the times has an article about the phenomenon today, and although they only cover the more extreme end of the tricked-out spectrum, the whole phenomenon is pretty fun.

Bicycles That Carry Powerful Beats, and Even a Rider or Two


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