on being a mom

I have to say, I have discovered a newfound respect for moms that choose to stay at home and be a SAHM/WAHM. It’s a full-time job, yes, but also, at least in the early months, I’m impressed with the ability to not go nuts. I love spending time with Kieran. We play, we “talk”, he spends time in his bouncy seat, we do tummy time, we cuddle, he naps on my chest, he comes with while I do laundry, etc. However, I am quickly reaching a point where I just don’t really know what to do with him anymore. We’ve done all that, he’s still awake, and I’m out of ideas. I don’t want to ignore him, and just letting the mobile and bouncy chair entertain him doesn’t work for too long 🙂 We listen to music, I read to him, but there comes a point…and then I just don’t know how to be positively interactive with him anymore! I know this “problem” will largely fix itself in the coming months – he’s only 8 weeks old…it’s not as though he’s a fully functional child yet – his latest huge accomplishments are a VERY determined effort to flip himself from tummy to back (totally unsuccessful but hilarious to watch), an ability to track me while I move all over his vision, a LOVE for giggling and “talking” to me and anybody else whose eye he can catch, and a total disinterest in sleeping on his back (unless he’s TOTALLY zonked, he wakes within five minutes of being put in his crib and screams bloody murder).Ach. As much as I don’t want to leave him to go to work, it’ll also be a relief, to have regular grown-up time every day, where I think about things other than his poopy diaper and whether we’ve played sufficiently…I do crave some more grown-up conversation than I’ve had. AND!!! As of last night, we have a child care option that we are HAPPY with! We are doing a nanny share with another family in the neighborhood! Kieran will be sharing Meredith, the LOVELY nanny with a 21 month old boy who is lovely.  Sigh of relief that something is taken care of – I have to say, getting anything accomplished feels like a herculean task!   


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