so my blog is so lame…

i’m finding that my blog isn’t the most important thing in my life!  when faced with the baby sleeping and the chance to

a.  shower

b. eat

c. read or do a craft

d. take a nap

e. blog

somehow i don’t choose blog very often!  maybe i’ll do so more often once i return to work and can do it at lunch or during a slow time during the day…although i’ll be busy…so we’ll see i guess.

however, FUN STUFF!  Kieran is growing by leaps and bounds!  he’s grabbing at stuff now, and reaches for me sometimes even.  he can just about support his own weight on his legs, although he obviously doesn’t have the balance to stand 🙂  he can see pretty far away – he LOVES looking at the baby in the mirror.  he’s also VERY chatty – loves to have conversations, and he likes practically everybody.  he’s very smiley and laid-back.  he’s such a chill baby, and incredibly easy and personable!  he’s also finally got days and nights figured out, and sleeps most nights from 9 PM or so until 8 AM, waking up a couple of times to eat.  he’s gone up to 7 hours sleeping at a time, although 5-6 is more typical.  phew!

right now we’re in minnesota at my mom’s although we’re heading back home on wednesday to enjoy a few more days at home together before i head back to work full time next Monday!  More soon…I need to hang with my sister before she heads back to university.


2 Responses to “so my blog is so lame…”

  1. I don’t care if it’s lame; I still like your random updates. It’s no skin off my teeth to subscribe and just wait for a post. So when you get the urge, do it!

    What kind of craft do you do? (Choice C.)

    Still planning on Labor Day?

  2. see above post for crafts…and YES! we are SO planning on labor day 🙂

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