‘line asked about the aforementioned craft in my previous blog entry.  now i’m not much of a crafty person.  i like the IDEA of crafts – at least useful ones…but i never seem to have made them a priority.  however. 

when we kids were little, my mom creweled and cross-stitched christmas stockings for each of us, and mine is one of my most treasures posessions.  i want to make one for Kieran.  i come from a LONG line of incredibly skilled sewers, knitters, crocheters and cross-stitchers, so I’m currently getting my cross-stitching skills up to snuff before starting in on that stocking for my own little boy 🙂  maybe it will even be done by the time he celebrates his 2nd Christmas!

i also do crochet.  i like crafts, so long as they are useful.  i would like to get into some clothes-making, although not owning a sewing machine is getting in the way of that for the time being.  we’ll see when i remedy that if anything comes of it…at the very least I’d like to be able to make kids halloween costumes and stuff. 

i crochet (or plan to crochet) dish cloths, blanket and the usual scarves.  I’d like to learn how to do more clothing things, although knitting is better for some of them, but i like to crochet MUCH better than i like to knit.

i think it’s amazing the things that my grandmother, mother and great-aunts can make and i have a huge amount of respect for the things they have created-many of the presents in my life have been quilts, blankets, clothing and pillows that they have made by hand.  it’s the kind of present that money could never EVER buy.  and there’s something to be said for creating something like that.  🙂


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  1. I sorta like to knit, never got the hang of crochet, used to love cross stitch…but now I have a sewing machine and I do believe it’s my true love. 🙂

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