feeling human (and grown-up) again

on saturday ola and i got to go out on a date, thanks entirely to the venerable Rebecca and Justin Iwerks.  They are total rock stars 🙂  These good friends came over and watched Kieran for over 5 hours, allowing us to leave the apartment, go out to eat as a couple, walk around the city (did you know that washington square park is all torn up???  i just learned that…) and generally just be grown-ups for a few hours without worrying about our munchkin.  it was truly amazing, and made us realize how badly we needed it!  we hadn’t had a chance to do something like that together since he was born!  which makes it exactly 3 months during which we didn’t have a date or anything.  man did it feel good to get out.

February was a big month for all of us.  Ola worked his freakin’ tail off, and was sick for a lot of the month.  Kieran grew like crazy and acquired all kinds of new skills like sucking his thumb, chattering like a maniac, sitting in the corner of the couch, scooting himself in circles, sleeping mostly through the night, finding his hands and feet, grabbing at toys, reading books with friends and family and getting even cuter (who woulda thunk it???)

Kieran and I went to Minnesota for two weeks to stay with my mom.  It was fantastic to see all of the family!!!  We just hung out, played, visited, and enjoyed a laid-back lifestyle in a house with a washer and dryer (what a novel thing!!!).  It was hard, though, that there were more than 2 rooms, so when he napped, I couldn’t always see him.  I didn’t realize how used I am to our tiny little place.  I will miss the close coziness of our apartment, although the tradeoff of more space will probably be something I can get used to 🙂

When we returned, Emme came to visit for a few days from LA, which was FAN-tastic!  We also got a short but amazing visit from Jane Hoover and got to meet her younger brother, Mark.

It’s been a big month, but hopefully there will be no more month-recaps.  Hopefully I’ll be keeping up more as we go along!


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