yet another reason that the USCIS needs repair

i don’t think it’s possible to argue that USCIS is a particularly nice agency (i’m not going to stand up for them, that’s for sure).  and, although many would like to deny that corruption exists in the United States, that simply ain’t true, folks.  so what happens when you combine an agency that has a ridiculous amount of power over the lives of immigrants (BOTH legal and illegal) and thrown in a little corruption?  here we have one example:

Published: March 21, 2008
The case of an immigration agent who is accused of demanding sex from a woman raises questions about the vulnerability of the system to corruption.

I can’t get over, or stop being angry about, the degrading position that the US government puts immigrants in.  This is beyond and totally beside whether people are here legally or illegally to begin with.  This is about treating people like human beings.


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