buy nothing challenge

hey ya’ll, for the rest of the month, i’m participating in Crunchy Chicken’s “buy nothing” challenge, in which i will not consume beyond basic food (and for me, baby products) for the month. if i must buy something, it should be barter/trade/used. it *seems* to me that this should be fairly easy, since i feel that i never buy anything (especially since december) but we shall see…updates later!


2 Responses to “buy nothing challenge”

  1. God that sounds awful.
    Actually come to think of it, it’s not. I’m thinking of what I’ve “bought” in the last month.

    A book for school
    A bag of fertilizer

    That’s what happens when you’re already on a budget, i.e. no salary. Bah. I can’t wait to start making money and buying stuff. First on my list? A sexy little Ipod so I can watch videos on the bus, damnit.

  2. you crack me up šŸ™‚ it really is pretty easy to not buy much, when you’re in our financial situation! i like to try to live minimally, though, so this is good for me. my biggest consumer weakness is books.

    it’s also very cool though that your product you want to buy is a sexy i-pod for your bus ride, as opposed to your car šŸ™‚

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