current affairs around our house

my mom is here visiting – she has a professional conference in town, but frankly she’s here to hang out and play with kieran 🙂  i can live with that.  this coming weekend we’re all driving down to the dc/baltimore area to look at housing and communities, and see if we can find something we can all live with.  it’ll be an adventure, that is for SURE.  

bought Kieran an exersaucer (dumb name, yes) yesterday and he LOOOVES it.  holy cow.  he was so excited he spit up all over it.  he totally wore himself out playing with it and napped better today than he has in a while.  i’m content with that 🙂  as a side note, i do realize that the exersaucer totally violates in a BAD way my buy-nothing month.  this whole concept is going downhill for me quickly…not that i want it to…i just made this commitment the month that i STARTED buying stuff again since last October or so…bummer.

and in other news, spring has arrived in new york.  trees are in bloom, the weather is relatively warm, the sun is mostly shining…life is good 🙂


One Response to “current affairs around our house”

  1. miyazawasei Says:

    I like the idea of a buy-nothing month. I’ll have to try that.

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