great week :)

this is a great week.  i get to do all kinds of grown-up things!  last night i had a fabulous girls night out with some wonderful ladies, and was abruptly reminded that i’m not going to have a chance to meet up with those three for much longer, as people are heading out in different directions (including me).  however, it was REALLY refreshing, much needed, and, frankly, just plain fun.

tonight Ola and I are abandoning the munchkin to Meredith, and going to a PEN event (wahoo for free tickets!) and getting dinner.  on sunday i’m meeting up with anne, risa and some of our NYC students at anne’s place for a potluck lunch.

i also realized that we functionally have only one free weekend left before taking off for the greener (?) pastures of baltimore/dc.  this whole relocation thing is hitting me like a ton of bricks, and i’m having trouble keeping up.

speaking of relocation, i’m not sure how much i’ve shared, as i have been keeping all of this stuff on the DL so my students won’t know before i’m ready to say something.  however…i’ll update everything in my next post, probably forthcoming this afternoon.


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