The dangers of making abortion illegal.

This is a very intense, disturbing, and (in my mind) persuasive article in favor of keeping abortion legal.  It is a (somewhat explicit) account of  the kinds of things that women were willing to go through to have an abortion before they could be safely and legally performed by medical personnel.  I already believe that women need to keep the right to choose, and that we also need to make our world and our communities a place in which women who DO choose to continue with pregnancies are fully supported.

I want to write more on this, but I don’t have time right now.  However, I really wanted to post the link, as it’s not on the front page of the NYT.


4 Responses to “The dangers of making abortion illegal.”

  1. So because some women will go to self-destructively extreme lengths to murder their unborn children, we should keep abortion legal?

    Hmmmm…It seems gangbangers will go to self-destructively extreme lengths to maintain their territories and their crack-head consumer base. I suppose we should legalize crack cocaine as well…

    Hmmmm…The Nazis went o self-destructively extreme lengths to murder the Jews, Gypsies, Gays and Communists. I suppose we shouldn’t have opposed them…

    The above comments were to illustrate that when the underlying argument is whether or not abortion is murder – a capital crime – no amount of rhetoric about what these women might go through matters.

  2. that is true – my underlying assumption is that abortion is not murder, it’s a womans choice concerning her own body. skipping over that part on a public blog discussion was probably not the wisest choice on my part – i think i often forget that perhaps people other than just my friends and family read my blog! it sounds as though you and i approach the entire issue of a woman’s right to choose from very different perspectives.


    The fact that the baby is inside the mother’s womb those not mean that it is her property and that she can do what she feels like.The life of the baby is entirely different from that of the mother and as such she should not temper with the life of an innocent baby which is destined to be great in the future.That baby has the right to life!What if the mother herself was aborted by her mother,will she be alive?It is not her body since she was not not the one that created herself!The person that created her, owns her and she cannot take away her life let alone that of the beby inside her womb.One who abort,either the victime or the person that carries out the act shall not have peace.The blood of that innocent baby is on his/her head!!!
    Yes is true that we have the freedom to do what we want to do as given us by God.And God cannot forcefully prevent us from using our freedom becaouse he respect man’s freedom.But there is no any court that is higher than the court of our conscience!

  4. I think abortion should stay legal but I don’t think it should just be taken advantage of. Alot of people get themselves pregnant and then up and decide they don’t the child for whatever reason or they won’t be able to take care of it and just run out and get an abortion. That’s not right….. They should be more considerate and at least try to be a mother….. Not just give up on your child who didn’t ask to be made in the first place. However, women with medical problem with their child or there child may have something wrong with it or some one got raped….. thats what abortion should be for. But if you make abortion illegal you will have women not only killing their child but killing them selves and thats worse then killing just the baby.

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