I can’t believe this made the NYT

This NYT story is HILARIOUS. Not only because they actually printed it, but because it’s spectacularly cleverly written. It’s about a guy that got locked in a Williamsburg bar overnight. It’s totally priceless.

They had some fabulous material to work with. How many reporters honestly get to print quotes like this:

“Really sweet guy,” Mandy Misagal, one of the bar’s three owners, who was bartending that night, said of Mr. Hausmann. “Really wasted but super nice.”

Seriously, I don’t know how he actually managed to get locked in…people around my office think he just passed out. I love that he googled it.

“Next he did a Google search for “what to do if you get locked in a bar.” “But Google did not have any good answers,” he said.”

“Nuf said.


One Response to “I can’t believe this made the NYT”

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