Kieran’s going mobile!!!

Kieran’s been spinning in circles and lunging at stuff for months, but we finally have some evidence that we need to finish baby-proofing the apartment, like, SOON. 🙂  hurrah!  See below for last nights evidence that he’s going to be getting into everything soon…





4 Responses to “Kieran’s going mobile!!!”

  1. Mermaid Mom Says:

    OH wow!! That’s so adorable! He’s a strong little boy and determined, too. Love the little movies you post! 🙂

  2. thanks 🙂 he’s stubborn as all get-out too, when he wants to be. fortunately, for the most part he’s super laid-back 🙂

  3. Mermaid Mom Says:

    He and Linnea may be kindred spirits. She, too, is sweet and flirtatious, but don’t cross her! She knows what she wants, and what she DOESN’T want. 🙂 I have a fondness for strong-willed babies so Kieran and Linnea are perfect in my book.

  4. Even better than Kieran is you guys giggling in the background. LOVE IT!!!

    Can’t wait to meet him.

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