on sarah palin

i do feel the need to put in my two cents about sarah palin.  in this post, i don’t want to talk about her as a mom or her family – i think that those are personal choices…i want to write about what seems to be getting less attention.  

1.  she’s under INVESTIGATION.  seriously?  how is this not totally THE headline?  if she was a dem it would be ALL the news!  mccain nominated a person that is currently under investigation.  doesn’t matter if it’s true – he has chosen as his running mate a person for whom there is enough evidence to warrant an investigation that wrongdoing while in office occurred.  a dem would be crucified.  have at.

2.  as mayor of Wasilla (population) around 6,000, she acquired, through lobbyists, etc, the same amount of earmarks funding as Boise, Idahok population 160,000.  Well, what’s wrong with that?  She advocated strongly on behalf of her community, and if she got a disproportionate amount of earmarks, then power to her.  yeah, except that now she is totally opposed to earmarks.  sorry, she just doesn’t get a pass when she was so incredibly blatantly in favor when it was in her favor and now she’s adamantly against.  it got called flip-flopping for john kerry, so same principle must apply here.

3.  okay, i said that i wouldn’t bring her family into this but i have to say one thing about it.  don’t make her out to be a hero because she has a child with Down Syndrome.  Many, many women each year choose to have their babies after finding out they have DS – she is not a special hero who did something amazing for her “poor disabled baby” – she is a MOM.  I say this as a mother – it’s an amazing thing, and hard enough when the baby is “normal” by societal standards.  I think it’s an insult to other mothers with children with different abilities to give such accolade to THIS one for not aborting her kid. (as a note, this one has nothing to do with anything that she per se is doing.  but i feel that it’s being exploited)

4.  Finally, it certainly does not further the interests of women to elect her as VP.  Her stance on issues that are important to women are incredibly conservative.  She is anti-choice, anti-pay equity, pro-government-pushed-marriage, against universal health care, and many other issues incredibly important to many women.

5.  a second finally.  she talked to the librarian about banning books in the library in wasilla when she ways mayor.  need i say more?  granted, she never actually took action, but she was interested in doing so.


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