community organizing say WHAT?

what’s with the bash on community organizing?  seriously, this woman stepped over the line in a whole new way with that totally inane remark.  community organizers are some of the hardest working people that i have ever met, and work on behalf of the community and “normal” people in the way that i have NEVER seen a politician do.  community organizers work ONLY for the people in the community.  they do not represent big business.

i am indignant beyond belief and PISSED AS HELL.  there’s a lot of other things in that speech that were wrong and stupid, but that is what is sticking with me right now.  what THE FUCK.


5 Responses to “community organizing say WHAT?”

  1. Nice talk!! You sound like a bright person. To bad you have a dirty mouth.

  2. thanks chuck 🙂 I do usually try to keep it clean, but I’m too upset right now.

  3. Urban Barbie 943 Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! What politicain with any common sense in regards to policy and the communtiy would criticize community organizers who work on behalf of the people that they claim they are in office to support?

    Do not apologize for being real with your WTF comment. She will catch hell for that from the thousands of community organizers that break their backs everyday for common men and women who have no voice.

  4. Your bias has not allowed you to see the real point. Community organizing is not a bad thing. The point is that Obama’s resume is so weak that his role as a community organizer is one of his only accomplishments.

    On another note, what is the deal with your generation and the improper use of capital letters? As long time practicing lawyer, I strongly suggest that you break that habit if you want to get and hold a job in a legal field.

  5. calvin, i have to disagree with what you said quite vehemently. moving beyond obama’s CO experience, he did that for 4-5 years, and then worked as a private attorney for almost a decade. nobody makes fun of working as a private attorney or talks about how that is totally irrelevant. 8 years in the state senate. now 4 as a US senator.
    i think that the illustration of community organizing in his past is not meant so much to illustrate how it qualifies him to be president, but rather where his priorities lay. i think it’s significant that he went back to the community work AFTER law school for a short time – his priorities did not totally change.
    about the capital letters – this is a blog. i can do as i damn well please on my own blog. do you seriously think i used this vernacular and grammar style in my 5 years in the professional world before going back to law school? get real.

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