junior high? freshman year of college?

no, it’s law school.  i knew that it would be too much to hope that I could be surrounded by mature individuals when attending a respectable professional school in our nation’s capital.  i was still crushed today, however, when i was subjected to a cafeteria conversation, the likes of which i haven’t heard since maybe freshman year in college (or maybe the senior year foodfights)…

it went something like this…

“OMG, so you know how i have this thing about not having personal conversations in the shower?”

“oh yeah, totally, i have the same thing when i’m in the car”

“so JD totally cornered me this morning and he asked me if we’d been dating long enough to call me his boyfriend”

“OMG!  No way!”

“yeah, oh and i totally met this woman…(unintelligible)…she’s SUCH a bitch.”


“yeah, but i totally love it.  we were all at this restaurant, and she was like ‘ugh, i totally hate the decor in here’ and that was just so funny”

all of this was, of course, in such an incredibly “oh, my gawd!” kind of voice i had to cringe.  there was also extensive discussion concerning what an asshole some guy is because he was not taking this girl to the most expensive restaurant in town after he apparently “forced” her to put all of his info in her blackberry, and then is cancelling their date. ugh.

so why am i writing about this?  because it’s the most exciting thing that happened to me today!  except that kieran and i picked out curtain rods at target.  and that’s rockin’.


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