yeah, my hair rocks.

i’m happy about the new haircut!  i’ve washed it, let it airdry, blow-dried it (which, let’s be honest, will rarely, if ever, happen in the future), foregone washing for 48 hours, and i like it!  why do you care?  i don’t know…but this rarely happens to me, that i actually LIKE my haircut.  so there 🙂  here’s some pics, although i don’t really think they do it justice.


2 Responses to “yeah, my hair rocks.”

  1. YES. Love it. Looks great on you! CUTE. BTW are you sure you can’t manage to blow dry it? I have recently gotten on the bandwagon with it. It only takes we short-haired girls about 5 minutes, although with a baby and school, I understand if you can’t spare it!

  2. i would like to try to do the blow-drying, but it always seems that when I get to that point in my morning routine, Kieran REALLY needs something that “MOM CANNOT WAIT!!!!” so we’ll see…I like the way it looks blow-dried and not blow-dried, so whichever I have time for will be fine 🙂

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