so then…what’s the point of conservation and reusing?

…if when i bring my attractive re-usable travel mug to starbucks and they can’t figure out how to note my order (like by using a sticky or something) so they take a small (i ordered a medium) paper cup, write the order on that, stick it inside my mug, and then throw it away after making me my small latte in my re-usable mug.  seriously?  argh.  foiled again.  they did give me a medium after i pointed out the mistake, so at least i didn’t get bilked on how much caffeine i’m taking in.  that would just have been one more tragedy.

as a side note, the coffee in our cafeteria is just awful.  it really sucks to not have very good options other than starbucks nearby.  i think i shall have to venture further afield…i hear there is a new bakery opening up across the street from WCL, so perhaps they will have decent coffee and not negate the point of using re-usable cups…


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