i voted! :)

Kieran helped me vote about a 1/2 hour ago (10 AM).  The polling place was well organized, with a steady stream of incoming voters and a good system for moving people through.  Sigh of relief…at least THIS polling district seems to be running well!  I was disappointed, though, that I had an electronic ballot.  I just don’t like them as much – I like the idea that there is a paper copy that I filled out.

Walking away from the polling booth, I have to say I felt and still feel much stronger in this election than I have felt in the past.  This is my 3rd presidential election, and it may be that I’m actually really excited about the Democratic candidate, or it may be that I really feel that Obama can realistically win this.

I wish I was volunteering today, but I’m going to wait until Kieran is a little older and in day care…I can’t just leave him all day.  If I could bring him with, I’d be there, but my volunteer services will just have to wait one more election.

Not that I should need to say this, but MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!!!!!!!


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