Our little baby is 1 year old…

We celebrated over the weekend because we’re just not all around today.  I can’ believe it’s been a whole years since he was born.  He’s so big and has so many skills, it’s hard to believe that he’s come so far in just one year! 🙂  he’s SO close to walking, and he chatters, mostly gibberish, and he’s so sweet.  he’s picked up high-fives, shrugging his shoulders to “i don’t know…”, thinks “no” is funny and shakes his head and giggles, claps his hands, does “so big!”…i could gush forever, because my baby is just perfect, which is just as it should be 🙂  

i guarantee at 7:54 PM tonight I’ll be thinking of the moment he was born 🙂

here’s some stuff from over this weekend…


2 Responses to “Our little baby is 1 year old…”

  1. Happy Birthday, Kieran! Granny Liz and Grandad Bob love you and wish you another great year. That cake you were shoveling in looked mmm mmm good. Wish I could have had a piece with you! You are an awesome boy and we can’t wait to see you again next Labor Day. 🙂

  2. Kieran is so cute….especially when he grooves to that frog….too cute!

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