walking baby! (or little boy)

On Sunday, Kieran took his first steps.  Very exciting 🙂  About 4 of them in the living room.  I was excited, but didn’t want to say much, because until today, he hasn’t taken more than maybe one step each day.  Today, though, he probably walked 3-4 feet towards me!  I’m sure it’ll still be very slow and sporadic going for a while, but he’s officially working on his walking 🙂  I’ll take video and post it as soon as I can…but he’s not doing it often enough that I’m able to catch him on camera right now.  Yay!


4 Responses to “walking baby! (or little boy)”

  1. That’s so exciting. I can’t wait to see it and I can’t wait until my little boy can get the hang of walking. Right now, he’s just cruising around the couch, but I can see that he wants to Soooo Badly.

  2. I just love their wobbly, drunken-sailor days. 🙂 Enjoy! Now the fun REALLY begins, or so I hear. Got your baby gates ready?

  3. oh, baby gates are already up…we keep him out of the kitchen already. actually, he’s remarkably steady already…confirming my belief that he is waiting until he has the balance and coordination to walk before doing so. funny kid.

  4. Life changes drastically once they are ambulatory. It’s all good, though! Wish he and Linnea could spend a little quality time together now. But unfortunately, her heart currently belongs to Noah (pronounced Nu-ah), the only boy at her daycare. She’s going to be heartbroken when Ann starts being a full-time mom again. 🙂

    Looking forward to the videos!

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