awesome new nurse

my amazing and fabulous friend (and family, really) Caroline Turpen just graduated from nursing school the other day.  The nursing profession just got luckier, and so did the patients at the hospital in Colorado where she’ll be working.  Congrats, ‘line 🙂


2 Responses to “awesome new nurse”

  1. Aw shucks!!! I’m speechless! Thank you for the shout out!! You guys were with us in spirit this weekend. We had a GREAT time! Next year’s labor day is definitely going to be fantastic!!

  2. As we were looking at the DVD of Labor Day 2008 this weekend I mentioned to everyone how much you guys mean to me. We all love you! How I wish that everyone was closer together, geographically speaking, because these little 3 day weekends are simply not enough for me. Nevertheless, I am grateful that you are part of the family. As for Caroline–yes, she’s on her way to a terrific career. Woo hoo!!
    Regarding the Labor Day DVD–there have been technical difficulties and many of the copies Bob made didn’t work. I’ll be sure he gets one ready over the holidays and we’ll get it off to you all soon.

    Hope all is well out there in your part of the world! We miss you. 🙂

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