boy or girl?

the verdict is unequivically in, and we are definitely having a boy 🙂  Now accepting name suggestions.


4 Responses to “boy or girl?”

  1. What about BOB??? Ha! His email address could be Bob instead of notbob. There’s a lot of nice bob attire out there, too. 🙂

    Just kidding. If I were picking a boy name right now it would be something very traditional like Tom or Frank or Jim or Joe or Rob or there’s always…Barack. The feral cat living on our front porch got that name.

    I know you guys will come up with a good one. Just don’t pick Will. That has been claimed by the Madison Devers. 🙂

  2. This week I like Campbell for a boy, don’t know why it just feels good to me.

  3. Congrats on another upcoming little man :] I really like Anderson and Tuckerby for boys… anything strong sounding (Kieran would be on that list too but you’ve already used it, hehee). Thank you for swinging by my blog!

  4. liz, maybe we’ll go with Bob after all (wink) 🙂 thanks for the suggestions…i think we’re actually set to go with a name! at least a first name…we have a middle name but it’s not set in stone. liz, i can’t wait to hear the Madison Devers middle name 🙂

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