Yay Vilsack!

He’s the former guv of my homestate (iowa, of course!) and he’s not at all skeazy 🙂  Seriously, it does give me some hope for agriculture…I will personally be lobbying for help for small family farms that actually grow things that people eat.  (read, not big farms that grow corn and soybeans).  Wahoo!

In totally unrelated news, today Kieran has his 1-year check up and we find out if he gets a brother or sister.  It’s a big day at our house (apartment).  I’ll update later today on how that all goes…I’m nervous about him getting his shots.


One Response to “Yay Vilsack!”

  1. I personally am all excitd about Ken Salazar (home state: Colorado) being named to Sec. of the Interior. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about the brother/sister!

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