kieran had his 1-year checkup yesterday and i’m done with school until january

…and he’s now in the 90th percentile for height (31 1/2 inches) and inching up to the 50th percentile for weight (22 lbs 6 oz), which essentially comes down to tall skinny kid 🙂  I can’t believe he’s 90th percentile for height…i guess he gets it from daddy…all else is good.

i’m also finished with my finals, which left me so relieved.  i took yesterday – i was going to see a movie by myself to just do something, but the only thing out (THE ONLY THING!) i want to see is Milk, and is that showing in my freakin’ back-woods theatres?  NOOOOOOO.  I would have to go downtown B-more, and I didn’t have the energy, time, or knowledge of the city to handle that.  So I read for 3 hours and drank coffee (decaf).  But that does mean I don’t get to see Milk until it comes out on disk.  That sucks.  

Then today was all doctor’s appointments, both for kieran and me…and Ola even was able to take the afternoon off from work (if you don’t appreciate how hard that is for him to do, I nearly cried with relief when he told me he could make the appointment for my sonogram) to come to the appointment with me.  After we were done, he took me on a very-brief mini-tour of Hopkins, which was friggin cool.  I did learn not to take the elevators in Blalock under any circumstances if you can possibly help it.  I got to see the portrait of Vivien Thomas in the hall, which was in-freakin-credible, and got to see the old main entrance and the above spiral, from which we get the term “rounds” in medicine.  Then we went out for Thai food.  Today was like the best day ever.  And from here on out is the baking, cleaning, mommy-time that I have been looking forward to for weeks.  My life is so good 🙂


One Response to “kieran had his 1-year checkup yesterday and i’m done with school until january”

  1. Wow, my son is a true Sumo baby, he weighs 20Lbs. and he is only 8 months old and is 26 inches long.

    Congrats on your good day-

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