christmas, new years and the like.

it’s been a nice holiday season.  ola got 6 whole days off work, which is pretty much a record for a medical resident at a place like hopkins, aside from the set vacation times.  anyway, we made the most of it and went to Kentucky for several days to visit with my siblings, my dad and his wife.  it was a LOVELY wonderful fantastic time.  we had great weather, it was something like 70 the last day we were there (I was so sad for no cold and snow…i’m a Minnesota girl at heart I guess, or at least quite the Northerner).  We ate until we thought we’d pop and then ate some more.  Good times were had.  Kieran met his first cows – some beef cattle my dad is raising, and was a good little baby on the long drive.  

ola and i actually got to go out for his birthday (i know – we NEVER go out) and saw Quantum of Solace, finally.  We both really liked it and overindulged on popcorn.  I would like to note that I had not been to a film since before Kieran was born.  About a week before he was born last year, in late November, Ola and I went to see Michael Clayton…and since then it’s been all Netflix 🙂  Anyway, we had a nice movie and dinner date and having a few hours as a grownup was heaven.

tonight, for new years we are going to bed early.  ola has to be at the hospital at 7 AM and I don’t much fancy staying up by myself, so here we are…tomorrow I’ll put up the resolutions that I figure out tonight.  I do believe in them – it’s a good time to think about where I’ve been and where I want to go.


One Response to “christmas, new years and the like.”

  1. Sorry we missed you in KY! Sounds like you had a good time though. LOoking forward to those resolutions…I believe in them, too, when they are reasonable, of course. 🙂

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