Third Trimester!

Wow – I’m getting into my third trimester with the little one, and I can hardly believe it.  This 2nd pregnancy is FLYING by.  We don’t have anything for him!  Not that he needs much (learned that the first time…) but a place to sleep would be good 🙂  Also, chasing after a toddler keeps my mind on things other than being anxious for the new little one to show up!  

My timing on this kid is quite impeccable – he’s due on the second day of finals, and I’m arranging to take my finals early, hoping HE also won’t come early.  Work with me here on good mental energy that he holds off on his grand entrance until mommy is done as a 1L!

I’m terrible about writing lately, and that is largely because I’m totally swamped with school, trying to keep up and even stay ahead so I can take my finals early.

That’s it for now – back to Civil Procedure – joy! 🙂


2 Responses to “Third Trimester!”

  1. Been thinking about you guys and wishing you were closer!! Dang. We miss you.

    Joe/Ann are due in just a few weeks now. I think Ann has reached the stage that she’s ready for it to be over with! Can’t wait to meet Will.

    I don’t know how you’re managing a baby and law school, with #2 on the way. Super woman!! Hang in there and give my love to the guys.

  2. Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

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