could it be?

Could it be that our country’s biggest problem with this financial crisis is that we’re holding on far too tightly to all of the entrenched interests and powers?  We seem unable to accept that sometimes, things need to change.  We think we’re too invested in coal, in oil, in GM, in Chrysler, in the banking and financial system “the way it is” to have the guts to change it.  And there’s tons of people across the country with GREAT ideas how to change things…and they are not getting funding or help to start up these new ideas.  They didn’t before the crisis, they aren’t now, and there’s no plan I know of to help them in the near future (with the exception of a few green job development plans in the stimulus package).  

I think that in some ways, the US has just become too laden down, too stodgy, too unwilling to change, too much acquiescing to entrenched and powerful interests, and therefore stuck.


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