30 weeks!

finally 30 weeks, and thinking more and more about how close this baby is due to finals 🙂  augh!  actually, one of my regular finals is scheduled for 5 may, his due date.  i was kind of tempted to just take the exam on time but i’m still going to take it early to try to lower the chances of having to figure out something if he comes right on time or a bit early…oh won’t it be a grand irony if he’s totally late???

i’m also having a TERRIBLE time sleeping lately, which I don’t remember being this bad with Kieran.  Any ideas on how to fix that?  

Finally, I was fielding pregnancy questions last night from a guy in my class, who is about 22 and, in terms of life experience, on a different planet than me.  That’s not bad – he’s 22, single, a partier, not a care in his world, school and fun is all he has to worry about.  He’s totally fascinated by the fact that I’m pregnant and it’s just funny.  He asks the silliest questions, and never seems to get over his awe of the fact that I’m pregnant.  As you can probably tell, he’s a constant source of amusement.  He’s a nice guy.

Now I need to do a little reading for crim law before class….


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