people can be so nice.

today kieran and i went for a playdate with some other moms and kids at a play and eat restaurant nearby.  i visited for a little while, and then went up to the counter to grab him some lunch before he got cranky.  i placed my order, which came to just shy of $7, and opened up my purse to pay, and realized that my wallet was at home.  I had no loose debit or credit cards in my purse, no cash (maybe 60 cents in change), and I felt awful.  I stammered to the clerk that he was going to have to cancel the order because I forgot my wallet at home.  I felt really bad because I hadn’t checked ahead of time (I can’t even remember why I had taken my wallet out of my purse).  So this woman overhears the exchange apparently, walks up to me, holds out $7, and tells me that she would like to pay for lunch.  Never seen her before, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer.  I just about started to cry, because (1) it was my own stupidity that got me in the situation in the first place, and (2) that’s just a really, really nice thing to do for somebody.  

I wanted to share, because with all the bitterness and accusatory-ness and anger going on around the country right now with the financial crisis, it made me feel really hopeful that somebody would be so nice as to buy lunch for somebody that they don’t even know, and don’t have a hope of getting paid back by.


3 Responses to “people can be so nice.”

  1. This is great. My friend Andrew has these things called ‘awesomes’ he tries to do one a day and then a ‘huge awesome’ once a month. What happened to you today was an ‘awesome’ a huge awesome would be something like letting a person experiencing homelessness crash on your couch. I am trying to do the awesomes too – but I am not out every day so I’m not quite as good as he is.

    It is the epitome of ‘paying it forward’. Have you seen that movie? You must.

  2. I have seen that movie, and thought of it. 🙂 I often think of doing “awesomes” but often shy away – shouldn’t do that.

  3. Must be something going around, pun intended. I read a Dear Diary in the NYT this morning about a similar situation…but I think feeding the pregnant and beautiful babies like Kieran is an especial mitzvah.


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