i am going to freak out on somebody.

WHAT THE FUCK.  I guess I missed the boat, because apparently the law school library is not a place to study, it’s where you hang out with your friends and have great conversations, people stop by to talk about how they accidently flashed people, and you have lengthy cell phone conversations.  I’ve gone from a great mood today to virtually homicidal, because there has been a series of about 8 instances (8!  seriously!) just this afternoon where people cannot figure out that when you’re in a library, particularly a law school library that you SHUT THE FUCK UP OR LEAVE.  

okay, i’m done venting.


right now i hate those people.  if you are one of them, i hate you.  i can’t get my paper done because of you.  

i also now understand that it’s my job to invest in earplugs, not your job to leave when you want to talk, so the rest of us can have what a library is supposed to be – a quiet study environment.



4 Responses to “i am going to freak out on somebody.”

  1. I have business sized cards in my wallet that say “what you are doing is not OK” to hand out in such instances. I think I’ll have to make you some this summer. In the meantime, you may want to print a few. Alternatively, tell on them with the library authorities. I think its fair. They are the ones being assholes.

  2. That’s bullshit, Manda. So sorry you had that experience. What I said on FB still counts, though. 🙂 Did you talk to the librarians? That is their job, after all. What a bunch of a holes.

  3. I did speak to the librarians (after), but I feel kind of strongly (for myself at least) that it’s something that I should try to handle in person first before going to the staff…I feel more mature about it that way. I talked to them about the guy on the phone. The girls later, though…for 90% of their conversation, they were really trying to be quiet. They still should have left, but I was peeved enough about the other guy that I cut them slack – I didn’t want to freak out on them (or even just overreact) when my anger was really geared towards somebody else.

    I also have just a plain old building frustration that common courtesy towards others is gone (feeling like my grandma!)…

    @krissy – you showed me those cards when you were out for inauguration! I will print some up, and would love more from you this summer.

  4. oh and by the way – you’re both awesome.

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