Apparently Hillary couldn’t be a good leader until she got all emotional

This article from the Washington Post really pissed me off.  

“Although she had that driven, strong-willed, focused side, she also had a human side, a capacity to be vulnerable with others. In New Hampshire, this other expression of Hillary enabled her to truly connect with the audience, which was made up primarily of women.

Whether this emotional moment was due to extreme fatigue from the grueling campaign schedule as some have suggested, or whether Hillary simply revealed her heartfelt feelings about her commitment to making this country a better place, her personal reaction created a new perception of her among women throughout the country. Suddenly, they saw that inside this tough-as-nails political candidate was a real person with the same vulnerabilities that they had. Soon after the New Hampshire incident, polls indicated that Hillary had gained a majority of the women’s vote, primarily because women could now identify with her more than they could with the other candidates.

When Hillary allowed herself to be vulnerable and express her true emotions, people could connect with her, which led to her increased popularity in the polls.”

I read this, and the rest of the article, and think to myself that the lesson here is that women aren’t supposed to be tough, badass, or kick ass.  We’re supposed to lead, but emotionally, connecting with our feeeeeelings, and making sure that other women identify with us.  Because we are SO FUCKING brainwashed to think that when other women are hardasses or committed to their jobs or good leaders or don’t cry all the damn time or don’t constantly talk about their kids or their husbands jobs or GODFORBID don’t want kids or a husband or don’t wear heels or makeup or their hair just so or work-out-all-the-time-but-still-eat-pizza or don’t think it’s funny when assholes like Rush Limbaugh and the Republican party make jokes about Hillary Clinton as a “nutcracker” and sell a product of that name, then well.  Those kinds of women just aren’t good women.


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