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Yay Vilsack!

Posted in Life in general with tags , , , on Wednesday 17 December 2008 by amanda

He’s the former guv of my homestate (iowa, of course!) and he’s not at all skeazy 🙂  Seriously, it does give me some hope for agriculture…I will personally be lobbying for help for small family farms that actually grow things that people eat.  (read, not big farms that grow corn and soybeans).  Wahoo!

In totally unrelated news, today Kieran has his 1-year check up and we find out if he gets a brother or sister.  It’s a big day at our house (apartment).  I’ll update later today on how that all goes…I’m nervous about him getting his shots.


video of kieran walking!

Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Tuesday 16 December 2008 by amanda

and also…one of him just being totally adorable 🙂

walking baby! (or little boy)

Posted in Life in general with tags , , , on Thursday 11 December 2008 by amanda

On Sunday, Kieran took his first steps.  Very exciting 🙂  About 4 of them in the living room.  I was excited, but didn’t want to say much, because until today, he hasn’t taken more than maybe one step each day.  Today, though, he probably walked 3-4 feet towards me!  I’m sure it’ll still be very slow and sporadic going for a while, but he’s officially working on his walking 🙂  I’ll take video and post it as soon as I can…but he’s not doing it often enough that I’m able to catch him on camera right now.  Yay!

more on kieran’s birthday

Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Monday 1 December 2008 by amanda

i was looking at our old youtube videos of him and pictures, and i’m once again struck by how far our little man has come in just one year.  i could not be a prouder mama.  these pictures are in order that they were taken, from the first picture taken of kieran, to one i took this morning.

Our little baby is 1 year old…

Posted in Life in general with tags , , , on Monday 1 December 2008 by amanda

We celebrated over the weekend because we’re just not all around today.  I can’ believe it’s been a whole years since he was born.  He’s so big and has so many skills, it’s hard to believe that he’s come so far in just one year! 🙂  he’s SO close to walking, and he chatters, mostly gibberish, and he’s so sweet.  he’s picked up high-fives, shrugging his shoulders to “i don’t know…”, thinks “no” is funny and shakes his head and giggles, claps his hands, does “so big!”…i could gush forever, because my baby is just perfect, which is just as it should be 🙂  

i guarantee at 7:54 PM tonight I’ll be thinking of the moment he was born 🙂

here’s some stuff from over this weekend…

Veteran’s Day

Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Tuesday 11 November 2008 by amanda

If I didn’t already know it was veteran’s day today, I might not have known at all.  I really haven’t seen any evidence of it, and aside from an NPR special tonight, I haven’t heard much either.  It makes me sad, because the people in our armed forces, regardless of whether I agree with what they are asked to do, have my highest respect.  Members of the United States armed forces volunteer their very lives for the idea and purpose of protecting me and everybody else here.  That’s huge.

Thank you veterans for serving.

Kieran’s going mobile!!!

Posted in baby, family with tags , , , on Wednesday 2 July 2008 by amanda

Kieran’s been spinning in circles and lunging at stuff for months, but we finally have some evidence that we need to finish baby-proofing the apartment, like, SOON. 🙂  hurrah!  See below for last nights evidence that he’s going to be getting into everything soon…