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Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Tuesday 20 January 2009 by amanda

damn. i’m a sappy crying proud american right now 🙂 i hope that the next few years keep me just as proud and happy as i am right now



Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Monday 5 January 2009 by amanda

i think my first one OUGHT to be:  be more punctual, since this is being posted about 5 days late.  However, I have to say that as a pregnant mama and law student, I think I get a pass on that.  I do things when I can, and the essentials get done with they need to. 🙂

So – the actual resolutions:

1.  Exercise more – this have proven to be a challenge, as getting in good exercise with a baby can prove challenging!  Unfortunately, Ola’s gone so much that I hate leaving when he’s actually HERE and I’m awake.  Either I need to get over that or figure something else out…but I will figure something out!

2.  Strive to do better keeping up with friends and family.  I’m awful at this.  Horrible.  Part of the reason I blog is to keep my family up so I don’t have to feel bad about not calling or writing individually.  But I still need to call the people I love more often.  How else will they know I love them unless I call them and take the time to tell them so???

3.  Make a stronger effort to get to know people here in Ellicott City where I live.  Everybody I know lives in DC or Baltimore and I don’t have a social life because that’s not a practical trip to make, especially with a young child, to hang out.  Tomorrow I have a play group at the mall scheduled, so hopefully that will be my first step!

I’m sure I could list many more things that I want to work on this year, but I don’t think resolutions are the end-all, and I think I’m allowed to strive for things that I don’t list here 🙂