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my favorite cloth diapers – a review!

Posted in Life in general with tags , , , on Monday 19 January 2009 by amanda

I know that when I decided I wanted to use cloth diapers, I had a really hard time figuring out what kind I wanted to use, what kind of covers to get, etc. New York City is amazingly low on shops that carry cloth diapers (there are a few, but none anywhere near me at the time), so most of my research was done online. I thought I would share a few websites that I found super-useful and review the cloth diapers that we have ended up using for our son.

Websites: – awesome reviews of all things cloth diaperish – good selection of cloth diapers/natural parenting stuff – has a lot of the products that cottonbabies doesn’t – i usually order from one or the other.

Kissaluvs cloth diapers (

Kissaluvs are a fabulous cloth diaper that I’m so glad we’re using! They are a nice thick cotton with snaps, and come in 3 sizes. Actually, see their website for the details.

However, I absolutely love them. They need a diaper cover, and work really well with the cheapo plastic pull-ons that you can get for free with a 1/2 dozen order at cottonbabies. if you want something more sparkly, the bummis covers also work really well with them.

We didn’t start using the diapers for several weeks after Kieran was born, partially I think because we were both a little nervous, plus it was a little hard to make sure that they weren’t irritating his healing umbilical cord. So after several weeks we switched over. It took a little bit to get used to, and they were a little big on him at first (he was about 7 1/2 lbs at the time), but we soon got the hang of it 🙂
One fantastic thing about them is they are GREAT for holding poopy. We’ve NEVER had an accident/spill with the kissaluvs but we’ve had explosions with disposables. For wet diapers, they do need to be changed a little more often than disposables, and cloth diapers in general just don’t wick away moisture like disposables can, but I think it’s okay, because the kiddos get changed more often, which is good for their skin.
For absorbency, Kissaluvs have been great – they also have doublers for extra absorbency that we use most of the time.
For overnight, however, we still use disposables – we never figured out a good way to make the cloth diapers work overnight that we were comfortable with.  I do know parents that use cloth overnight and it works for them, but for us, we just don’t.  Also, when we’re traveling we use disposable – the cloth gets to be a bit much to haul around and have to wash.  

Finally, for poopy, especially once he started solid foods and it got GROSS, we use flushable liners.  They are GREAT!  They hold the “substance”, which you can then just peel out of the diaper and flush down the toilet.  I think it beats rinsing/dunking in the toilet BIG TIME.  They are little like toilet tissue but more durable so they don’t come apart when you pull them out of the diaper.

In essence, I love our Kissaluvs, and if you’re thinking about cloth diapers, go for it!  They are wonderful, and the brand we use or another kind…there’s types for all kinds of budgets and lifestyles.  Hope this helps any parents out there looking for help in deciding whether to cloth diaper 🙂