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UEP 2008 Applications

Posted in Bosnia & Herzegovina with tags , on Tuesday 16 October 2007 by amanda

Announcing the Open Society Institute’s Undergraduate Exchange Program

The Undergraduate Exchange Program (UEP) supports students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Serbia, and Ukraine* in the United States for one year of non-degree academic studies. Applicants must currently be enrolled as a second-year student at a university in their home country to be eligible. *Applicants from Ukraine must be studying in the regions of Dnipropetrovska, Zaporizhzhya or Donetsk to be eligible.

The program seeks to assist educational and civic development in Southeastern and Eastern Europe and Mongolia by exposing participants to a liberal-arts curriculum, different models of classroom instruction, community service work, and civil society–related programming. UEP combines the U.S. liberal arts academic experience with exposure to American social issues and civic development through involvement in community service–related work. The program aims to create lasting ties among participants and their American colleagues, thereby contributing to cultural understanding and tolerance.

Participants attend a university or college in the United States for one year. While in the United States, grantees agree to complete 25 hours per semester of community service work in an area of interest to them. At the end of the year, they are expected to return home to complete their degrees. Once back in their home country, grantees complete a community service project in their own community.

For more information and an application form, please see Applications are due Monday, December 3, 2007.


travel and stuff

Posted in Bosnia & Herzegovina with tags , , on Saturday 13 January 2007 by amanda

tomorrow morning i’m heading out on my third international trip in four months. this is, i believe, a record, even counting my time in belfast. it doesn’t cease to be exciting for me, and a little bit scary. i have a brand-new challenge this trip. i will be traveling directly from thailand to mongolia in the middle of january. this means that i have to pack for a very warm climate, and also one of the coldest on earth on the same trip. i’ve spent 3 hours this morning working on my packing and i think i’m getting it figured out. my answer?


i’m asking martha, my boss, to bring home a bag for me when we’re done in thailand, and i’ll just continue on with my stuff for the colder climate. i’m also packing a backpack and leaving my big suitcase at shona’s office in chiang mai while i run around the country for a week for work. i’ll be gone total for about three and a half weeks, with about a week in thailand, then on to mongolia (just ulaanbaatar), a day in moscow, belgrade, sarajevo, zagreb and finally home. this is my second trip that i’m literally going around the world. last year i did something similar but didn’t go to thailand.

i am a little nervous because this is the longest that i’ve ever travelled for work in one go…but that’s it for today. off tomorrow and hopefully more once i hit chiang mai on tuesday.