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eating healthier because of kieran

Posted in baby, family with tags , , on Thursday 2 October 2008 by amanda

i AM eating healthier because of my baby.  Kieran is LOVING solid foods, which can be tricky to fix for him as he’s not yet on milk, eggs, or milk products (including yogurt and cheese).  so it’s really a vegan diet for my munchkin.  a challenge.  factor in how much time i generally have free to be spending on meals, and we have a real dilemma.  i do have some frozen pureed veggies in the fridge, but he really loves to feed himself with his fingers, so that has limited use.  i’ve been buying some soy chik’n nuggets for him, which i can microwave in a minute and cut up.  i’m also going huge into frozen vegetables, and simply microwaving them until they are quite soft, and giving them to him to pick and eat.  he had 1/2 bagel today, which he really enjoyed, and lentils are always popular, although he can’t eat them himself because he can’t get them in his fingers.

i focus quite heavily on making sure he has a balanced meal, with LOTS of vegetables, some protein, and at least a little carbs.  he gets fruit at breakfast and that’s often the only time.  since i’m taking so much care with HIS balanced diet, i’m just helping myself as well 🙂  make some extra carrots, and mommy gets some.  make an extra chik’n nugget, mommy gets it.  you get the idea.  of course, this isn’t my whole meal, but i am making more of a point than i used to to not just have cheerios for lunch if i’m not feeling up to making something more.  i try to at least heat up some veggies – hey, if i can do it for kieran, i can do it for me, right?

i will say that frozen veggies have saved my life.  i get to go to the store less often, they take less time to cook (and to reach the necessary mushiness that a 10 month old needs) and they don’t have salt etc added. 

he’ll need more complicated meals soon, but soon we’ll be able to give him more of what we eat, because he’ll be able to have things that contain eggs, cheese and cows milk.  most of our meals contain at least trace amounts of at least one of these things (korma, for example contains yogurt/milk, lasagne has cheese, etc).

if you have any great ideas or baby/toddler food receipes, please let me know!