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palin said nuk-u-lar.

Posted in politics with tags , , , , on Thursday 11 September 2008 by amanda

seriously.  she was talking about iran.  i listened 3 times to make absolutely certain i did not mishear.  i mean, after 8 years of hearing it wrong, sometimes i have to double check mentally.

 she would declare war on russia!  because that is such a good idea to just put on the table.  she is SO ready to be president.  when asked about foreign policy, she talks about alaska energy policy! (which, isn’t it interesting that they have a huge budget surplus, give every resident around $3000/year for living there, and take more money per capita from the federal government than any other state.  why take so much federal money when you have it anyway??  i thought you were against earmarks!)  

i just don’t get the feeling that she really has a full understanding of what she’s talking about.  she either needs to 1 – get a better understanding of the full scope of these issues or 2 – be a better speaker to get her points across in a convincing fashion.  of course, this is coming from the viewpoint of somebody who is already pretty skeptical about her, and wasn’t going to vote for McCain even before she ended up on the ticket.  Now, of course, I wouldn’t do it even at gunpoint.


sarah palin’s foreign policy experience.

Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Thursday 4 September 2008 by amanda

CNN: Tucker Bounds On Palin Foreign Policy Experience

i cannot believe this doesn’t have more viewing. this is the biggest load of crap i have seen in a long time. tucker dodges answering the question requesting a SINGLE example of Sarah Palin’s foreign policy experience for 4 minutes. and the McCain cancelled an interview with cnn. incredible.  because the odds of mccain dying in office are only like 50:50, right?  so….it’s not important anyway.