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Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Monday 5 January 2009 by amanda

i think my first one OUGHT to be:  be more punctual, since this is being posted about 5 days late.  However, I have to say that as a pregnant mama and law student, I think I get a pass on that.  I do things when I can, and the essentials get done with they need to. 🙂

So – the actual resolutions:

1.  Exercise more – this have proven to be a challenge, as getting in good exercise with a baby can prove challenging!  Unfortunately, Ola’s gone so much that I hate leaving when he’s actually HERE and I’m awake.  Either I need to get over that or figure something else out…but I will figure something out!

2.  Strive to do better keeping up with friends and family.  I’m awful at this.  Horrible.  Part of the reason I blog is to keep my family up so I don’t have to feel bad about not calling or writing individually.  But I still need to call the people I love more often.  How else will they know I love them unless I call them and take the time to tell them so???

3.  Make a stronger effort to get to know people here in Ellicott City where I live.  Everybody I know lives in DC or Baltimore and I don’t have a social life because that’s not a practical trip to make, especially with a young child, to hang out.  Tomorrow I have a play group at the mall scheduled, so hopefully that will be my first step!

I’m sure I could list many more things that I want to work on this year, but I don’t think resolutions are the end-all, and I think I’m allowed to strive for things that I don’t list here 🙂


exercise and pregnancy

Posted in baby, family, health with tags on Thursday 8 November 2007 by amanda

the times has an article on this today. my personal experience is that i was told to keep my heart rate low, which eliminated any strenuous exercise at all! i have been swimming, using the elliptical machine, stationary bike, and was walking/jogging on the treadmill until a few months ago, when i began to fear i might lose my balance and fall off the treadmill. i’ve stopped all intentional exercise except walking (which can really add up in manhattan) and my usual stairs, which add up to usually 8-10 flights a day. i feel good and haven’t gained too much weight, but if i do this pregnancy thing again, i’ll be making a stronger effort to keep up exercise for longer, and do it more intensely. my lack of activity now is due to a combination of being busy at work, lots of travel lately (which always throws off my routine) and general fatigue. also i can’t bike at this point…the belly gets in the way!

the best advice i heard overall is to not ramp up exercise to hit new goals, but work around the level you’re at when you first get pregnant, tapering down if/when needed. i sort of doubt the whole heart-rate thing…unless it can be shown to decrease blood to the fetus somehow…

overall, i think it’s mostly a function of people still having trouble accepting that pregnancy is totally natural – it’s not a disability, something sent to punish women or an excuse to sit on a couch and eat ben & jerry’s for 10 months (although wouldn’t that be GREAT!?). when people look at pregnancy as a natural process, and something that is both normal and “supposed” to happen to women’s bodies – we’ve got the equipment for it, girls! – it becomes a lot easier to accept women continuing exercise and life routines. trust me – i’ve learned that my body is very good at telling me when it’s done and not interested in more.

baby stuff continued

Posted in baby, family, health with tags , , on Thursday 18 October 2007 by amanda

i’m feeling calmer about the “stuff” issue for baby stuff. i think this is because, although we don’t actually OWN much yet, i think we’ve figured out what exactly we feel we need to have BEFORE the little booger is born. that would be: diapers, enough clothes to keep him warm and not do laundry 2x daily, a place for him to sleep (crib, bureau drawer, etc), a car-seat so the hospital will let us take him home, detergent and washing-up stuff for aforementioned clothing and diapers, and a comfy nursing chair and stool (only because nothing we have in the apartment at this point will probably work very well). we are basically set for clothes (except i want to get a winter jumper for him), have some diapers, know which crib we want, know which car-seat we want, know which chair i want, am still working on the best detergent to use (suggestions for good detergents to use for babies to avoid irritating possible sensitive skin?)…damn it feels good to be a mama-to-be 🙂

i had a breastfeeding class last night though and wow – today i’m definitely looking up my local la leche league. it’s important to me to nurse, but i was pretty ignorant as to the intensity of the work involved in developing a breastfeeding relationship and possible (but not guaranteed) issues that can arise! i have been told by nearly every mom i know “it hurts, and that’s a fact”. last night i learned if it hurts, there’s something wrong. very good to know…i sort of laughed about this before, but now i can totally see calling a “lactation consultant” or something if we have a lot of trouble at first!

i just had a doctor’s appointment, and everything looks good 🙂  i am measuring a week ahead, but that actually coincides perfectly with my original calculated due date (moved back a week after my first appointment).  am still feeling good, although starting to feel a LIIIITTTLe bit more tired, and walking up hills while talking is not as much of an option as it used to be!  i’m trying to vary my posts, because this little baby is not the ONLY thing i care about – he just happens to be really central to my life 🙂