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obstruuuuctionism! (rant)

Posted in politics with tags , , on Monday 2 August 2010 by amanda

Nan Hunter has a great breakdown of judicial nominations gone through here.  And please don’t bullshit me about how “the dems do it too, so it’s only fair!”  As indicated by the numbers, it was fairly evenly split b/t R & D when twice as many nominations were going through under Bush.  They’re just being jackasses and the problem is getting progressively worse.  We can revisit this issue of obstructionism if the R’s retake the houses and the Dem’s start obstructing.  However, let’s also remember that when the R’s are obstructing and the Dem’s make concessions, the R’s are just coming back with a big “fuck you, no.  we will not compromise, we will tell you to fuck off until we get exactly what we want.”

Everything being passed is so watered down that even though the Republicans won’t stop bitching about it, it’s certainly not worthy of being called a liberal agenda.