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learning about birth

Posted in baby with tags , , on Tuesday 20 November 2007 by amanda

i have to say, birthing class this past weekend was a much better experience than i thought it would be. i’m not exactly big on sitting around and talking about my feelings (or my cervix) with a bunch of people i don’t know. however, i really do feel like i learned a good amount, and it was a professional, information-oriented course, which is totally my preference.

overheard gem: (excited and amazed, and grossed out husband speaking to irritated wife) “honey, did you see that giant head coming out of the huge hairy vagina?”

wife: “yeah. i did.”

also wonderful are the terms “lazy uterus” and “incompetent cervix”. it’s like an entire reproductive system can just suck 🙂

during our first day, the instructor started us with practicing relaxation techniques and controlled breathing. we started by blowing bubbles – we were supposed to make lots of medium bubbles, or one big bubble…you get the idea. anyway, as we’re doing these things, and we’re all working in our couple groups, she turns on some relaxing music for us to work with. she puts on “all by myself”.

later, ola suggested that we put together an entire birth ALBUM. so far we have “all by myself”, and “push it”. further ideas? i’ll be making this a regular mix and sending to all of my pregnant friends (when i eventually have friends that are pregnant, at least!)

after watching “the birth video”, one woman (pregnant with twins!) asked why ANYBODY delivers vaginally, when it obviously is so painful. she was very disconcerted. i thought it was funny that she was so bothered – it was as though she was learning for the first time how babies are normally born.

i am also less weirded out by the weird breathing techniques and stuff. they make more sense. i came away even more freaked out by forceps than i was before (and that’s saying something).  we’re practicing breathing and stuff at home, and i’m trying to focus on our exercises and getting the apartment as ready as we can make it.  dang.