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what to report?

Posted in Life in general with tags , , , on Wednesday 22 October 2008 by amanda

I don’t have much to report in life except my totally awesome new haircut.  I went in this afternoon and wasn’t sure what I wanted but I’m happy so far!  We’ll see how it does tomorrow in the “I have now washed it and the salon didn’t style it…what happens now!?” moment.  That is the moment at which I usually look at my hair and go…hmmmm….I guess I can make it until my next appointment.  I’ll take pics tonight and tomorrow and post a follow up.  It’s 9:23 PM though and I’m still at the law library, so I’m heading home.


while i was gone

Posted in Life in general with tags on Monday 5 November 2007 by amanda

I have been out of town since the morning of 31 October at a conference. So much has happened right around the time that I’ve been gone. I’m going to shamelessly steal the format from Hanah’s latest blog and recap:

I’m so happy that:

– today is Guy Fawkes Day!!!!

– the Phelps church has to pay all that money. I hope it drives them out of their business of hatred

– this last conference is over with. it was fun, but now i can look forward towards other things

– those French “do-gooders” are being held responsible for trying to whisk away kids from Chad to an “obviously better life” in the west. This is particularly considering that they were working without cooperation from local NGO’s, governments, etc. How hubristic do you have to be to believe that YOU have the right to make that kind of choice for those children?

– i am due to have this baby in less than 5 weeks. whew. time is really slowing down. i secretly hope he’ll be early…but let’s be honest, probably not! 🙂

– i got to see hanah and sarah last weekend for jess’s party and general girly hangout time. those two are fantastic

– i “discovered” (aka Lesha told me where to find it) a beautiful and delicious cafe called “society” on the corner of fredrick douglass and 114th. i have a new love!

– burlington, vermont really is a beautiful town with very cool stuff going on. as a starter, i would VERY highly recommend a local chocolate company, lake champlain chocolates. their hot chocolate is to die for, and their truffles, YUM. they do have locations around the country, but the burlington shop has a little cafe and they are QUITE skilled at making an amazing cup of hot chocolate! 🙂

– ola put together the baby crib while i was away this past weekend and WOW – it’s amazing!!!

– i just finished possibly the saddest book i’ve ever read (yes, maybe even sadder than the kite runner), my sister’s keeper, by jodi picoult. more about that in a later post though.

on a more down-side…

i’m getting sick (just a cold i think but it sucks)

i’m already tired of the elections and campaigns. people are so horrible.

WTF is going on with us and iran anyway???

pakistan’s a mess 😦

fall is flying by so incredibly fast, i’m afraid i’m missing it!

i’m so very much looking forward to:

– not being pregnant, and playing with my baby

– spending time with friends and family over this winter

– looking forward towards new life endeavors.

there’s much more i’m looking forward to, but these sniffles are catching up to me….a nap is in order.


Posted in family, Life in general with tags , , on Monday 13 August 2007 by amanda

you know when everything just sucks and you can’t quite figure out how you ended up there or how to get out?  yeah, me too.


Posted in family, Life in general with tags on Tuesday 7 August 2007 by amanda

last night i apparently took my wallet out of my purse for some reason.  i’m sure it was a great reason, but this morning i forgot, and so i’m stuck the entire day with no cash, no ID, and no plastic.  actually it’s not a big deal, since i don’t drive, don’t have any shopping/social evening plans, and had my metrocard in a different part of my purse…but seriously, who forgets their WALLET?

this is on top of…last night i was making macaroni and cheese (Annie’s) and i went to pour milk for the goopy bits.  this consisted of me opening the fridge, pulling out the milk, pouring milk, and then looking for the lid.  we have a really small kitchen so the entire maneuver only required a small twist of the torso, no actual movement.  but the milk lid was gone.  i looked for it for several minutes, finally decided i was losing my mind and called ola in to help me find it.  we looked all over, but never found the cap.  all we can figure is that maybe with my brothers around the house, maybe somebody forgot to replace the cap earlier and it was thrown away?  then, when i pulled out the milk, it’s hardly a conscious thought action, is it???  so i didn’t register that there was no lid until i couldn’t find it to replace it. 

 anyway, all of these little things – milk caps, wallet, flash drive…they’re starting to add up.  i’m officially becoming a total airhead.

happy birthday jane

Posted in Life in general, new york with tags on Friday 20 July 2007 by amanda

a very late happy birthday to my favorite current medical student, ms. jane cho 🙂  she kicks ass, even if she is a duke fan! 

happy birthday, david!

Posted in Life in general with tags , on Tuesday 17 July 2007 by amanda

on behalf of women everywhere, i’d like to wish a very warm happy birthday to everybody’s favorite lifeguard and rocker, david hasselhoff

now everybody can see what their chances are with david!  here is a fool-proof way to find out if you and the hoff are meant to be 🙂

first bastille day, now the hoff’s birthday…i don’t know if i can take much more excitement!

raccoons in manhattan

Posted in environment, family, Life in general, new york with tags on Friday 6 July 2007 by amanda

i’m sure i spelled that animal wrong. a little while ago ola and i were walking up the upper west side – we’d wandered out of the bramble in central park and ended up at the museum of natural history before heading home for the evening. on the north end of the museum is a planetarium surrounded by glass. it’s a model of the solar system, and i love it. it’s really cool. at the center is the sun, and, in proportion to the size of the sun (which is something like 4 stories tall), there are models of all of the planets that have been discovered that surround the sun. i wonder if they removed pluto after it got demoted…(i did a report on pluto when i was in elementary school and was mightily upset when it was stripped of its planetary status). anyway, it’s very pretty at night – it’s lit up a little bit and really neat. so ola and i went to sit on a bench nearby and chat, and when we got up to leave, we noticed in the fading light that a raccoon was climbing the tree next to us! in manhattan! amazing to me at least. then the raccoon proceeded to just chill in the crook of the lower branch of the tree and watch us and hang out. it was awesome.

then yesterday we were walking in fort tryon park and definitely smelled skunk – big time! i love that despite being totally overcrowded with people, concrete and buildings, animals find ways to continue to live here, and not JUST in the parks, but all over the place!