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local wildlife

Posted in environment with tags , on Wednesday 9 July 2008 by amanda

deer in our backyard

Originally uploaded by lindbeam.

check out what we found in our backyard one morning…other sighted creatures include foxes, beavers, groundhogs, ducks (you can see them in this pic too), cardinals, blue jays, multiple hawks, and, of course, squirrels galore.


moved to maryland

Posted in baby, family with tags , , on Wednesday 25 June 2008 by amanda

i officially no longer live in new york.  we moved to maryland a little over a week ago.  Ola will be working as a fellow at Hopkins in B-more and I’ll be attending American University for an MA starting in August.  For now I’m at home with the Munchkin full-time, which is nice 🙂  It’s a huge adjustment being here…we bought our first cars – I’m driving a Honda Fit 🙂  I love her – her name is Sade.  It’s weird though – I miss the trains and the walking…I can no longer walk to the supermarket or the pharmacy, or anywhere really…and Kieran’s not crazy about all the car time.  But we’re adjusting.  There are pluses.  We’re living in a big apartment complex, and there is a pool and a workout center at our disposal.  Also, our back balcony looks out onto a wooded area with a stream – amazingly beautiful.  One of our downstairs neighbors put out birdhouses and feeders, so we see bluebirds, cardinals, ducks, squirrels, and Ola even saw a beaver the other day!  It’s so nice to hear bird calls all day instead of horns honking to get past PS 187!  

Ola starts orientation tomorrow, so it’s my first day on my own with Kieran…more soon!  I also have some videos of him…see below!