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happiest day since Kieran was born.

Posted in Life in general with tags , , , on Tuesday 4 November 2008 by amanda

this is the most amazing day.  i have literally cried with happiness.  I had compassion for John McCain, who was able to give an appropriate and compassionate concession speech.  I am so happy.  excited, yes.  ecstatic, yes!  just plain HAPPY.  many of my future worries are just a little bit tamped down.  today is an amazing day.


i just feel so bad.

Posted in Life in general with tags , , , , on Thursday 16 October 2008 by amanda

i can’t shake this sad feeling that i have for john mccain.  i mean, this poor guy.  his campaign tacitly endorses the “othering” of Barack Obama, and sometimes his running mate incites people to racist anger, and then doesn’t contradict them when they suggest that Obama is a terrorist and should be killed.  poor McCain.  It’s gotta be really hard to be called out for that kind of thing…and so unfair.  I mean, isn’t it every white persons right to hate/fear anybody that is not white?  Saying that threatening somebody’s life is not nice, and even amounts to racism is just terrible…


Just to be clear, I was so incredibly angry during that sob story about McCain being the victim of racially motivated hate against Obama.  Just because the Wallace comments were maybe over the top doesn’t mean that kind of thing should just be accepted.  The fact that it doesn’t have MORE people in total outrage amazes me.