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could it be?

Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Monday 23 February 2009 by amanda

Could it be that our country’s biggest problem with this financial crisis is that we’re holding on far too tightly to all of the entrenched interests and powers?  We seem unable to accept that sometimes, things need to change.  We think we’re too invested in coal, in oil, in GM, in Chrysler, in the banking and financial system “the way it is” to have the guts to change it.  And there’s tons of people across the country with GREAT ideas how to change things…and they are not getting funding or help to start up these new ideas.  They didn’t before the crisis, they aren’t now, and there’s no plan I know of to help them in the near future (with the exception of a few green job development plans in the stimulus package).  

I think that in some ways, the US has just become too laden down, too stodgy, too unwilling to change, too much acquiescing to entrenched and powerful interests, and therefore stuck.


where i’ve been.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on Sunday 19 August 2007 by amanda

so this is where i’ve been (as in countries around the world)

create your own visited country map

and here’s the US States version

so i basically have never been to central or south america, very, very little of africa, and a couple of places in asia. i need to get moving!!!


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you know when everything just sucks and you can’t quite figure out how you ended up there or how to get out?  yeah, me too.

dang. central europe is friggin’ HOT.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on Friday 20 July 2007 by amanda

It is really hot here.  Like, it’s so hot it reminds me of being in Botswana (aka semi-desert) in the middle of the summer.  ow.  apparently they recently broke an all-time record for hottest day here in budapest. 

life is good though 🙂  i have the least jet-lag i’ve ever had, and it simply came from sleeping more on the plane than i ever have before!  plus then i slept for about 10  hours last night.  life is SO good. 

that’s all i’ve got for now.  life gets hectic for a while at this point (wow, new students…) but hopefully i’ll have a chance to update during PDO.  unfortunately, i know alumni read this so i can only write so much! 🙂

hiking, the gunks and sunshine

Posted in Life in general, new york with tags , on Tuesday 24 April 2007 by amanda

on sunday, i traveled upstate to new paltz on the train with anne and risa, to meet emilie and jesse for a hike and some food.  the hills/mountains (?) around there are called the Gunks, a nickname of the Shawangunk Ridge.  When I leave the city like that, it always makes me ask myself – do I really want to live in the city, or would I be happier in a smaller place?  I’m really not sure.  I love the city and everything that it has to offer.  I love the diversity, the food, the people, the mass transit system, the eco-friendliness of many things, the fact that my supermarket is a 30 second walk from my front door.  however, it’s logistically kind of a pain to get out of the city and do something else for a day.  we either have to rent a car *$$$* or take a train and then figure out how to get around.  It’s a tough call.  there’s a lot to like about both.  however, ola and i won’t be in a position that we need to make any long-term decisions for a while, so i guess we can mull it over for a few years!

organic chicken versus chemical chicken

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on Friday 2 March 2007 by amanda

yesterday i was working with a guy in my office on a project, and we got to talking. he’s an environmentalist and an all-around interesting guy – fun to talk to. we start talking about organic food products. i observed that in many parts of the world, organic food is all people eat because small farms are still used and not the large corporate producers that use so many chemicals, steroids and other hormones and antibiotics that we find in our fruit, vegetable and meat products here in the US on a regular basis. dan observed that he thinks that the use of the word organic is kind of ridiculous. it makes him think back to university days chemistry class – organic is carbon-based and non-organic (inorganic) is not carbon-based. it’s a fascinating use for the term. i’ve done some minimal hunting for the origin of the usage in this way but so far have not come up with anything.

anyway, this led us to conclude that it really is kind of ridiculous to “specially label” something that is in a more “natural” (largely unaltered by human genetic, hormonal or chemical intervention) state than something that has been deliberately modified or treated. therefore, we should drop organic as a term and simply call all food that is treated “chemical” i like the sound of it. i think that it would do wonders for the “organic” market.

Live Earth concerts announced

Posted in Life in general with tags , on Tuesday 20 February 2007 by amanda

continuing to kick ass as an advocate for our humble home, al gore and company are putting together a fun promotion (in the form of concerts, what else?) on 7/7/07.  concerts are to happen in 7 places on 7 continents.  um, antarctica anyone? 

flippin sweet.  although everybody knows that holding a concert doesn’t exactly solve the problem, it’s an extraordinarily high-profile way to bring it to people’s attention.  also really expensive, and that money could also go towards…but i don’t want to go down that route right now…i’m just happy they’re doing the concert.