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off to kentucky!

Posted in Life in general with tags , on Thursday 30 October 2008 by amanda

ola, kieran and i are off too kentucky tonight (to drive part-way) to visit my dad and joyce.  it’s a quick weekend trip in honor of ola not having to work and being done with his boards, and the fact that the last trip we took was to move here over 4 months ago (ouch).  so off we go, wahoo!  hopefully kieran doesn’t totally rebel during the road trip 🙂  it’s about 8 hours each way…without baby stops.



Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Monday 13 October 2008 by amanda

this week is slump week.  kieran and i went to a wonderful, fabulous, beautiful and thoroughly exhausting wedding in ames this past weekend.  i sang in the ceremony, and mom, paul and alice came down to help take care of kieran.  however, it was totally exhausting and then the topper came on sunday.  i returned the rental car and was informed that there was damage (which must of course be my fault).  the woman had to point out the “damage” to me.  it’s some ridging on the bumper.  two bumps.  however…there’s absolutely zero paint damage.  zilch.  nada.  none.  is it possible to have a fender bender without even scratching the paint a tiny bit?  somebody could have hit me in the parking lot, but doesn’t that scratch the paint?  

anyway, still working that one out.  then kieran was cranky the whole way home and i was in a truly foul mood by the time ola picked us up at the airport.

then today my bad mood has continued, and i realized i forgot to do an assignment for my rhetoric class tonight.  crap.  got that done in record time, and realized i also forgot the wrong book to bring to rhetoric.  i have contracts 3 times this week.  ugh.  the girls that sit next to me in this class remind me of my least favorite people from junior high. double ugh.

on the lighter side, though, the final debate’s this week, and class is starting.  yay 🙂

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

…and the first thing that happens in class is that my professor calls on me of all people to present the first case.  it’s like murphy’s law.  😦