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i am going to freak out on somebody.

Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Wednesday 25 March 2009 by amanda

WHAT THE FUCK.  I guess I missed the boat, because apparently the law school library is not a place to study, it’s where you hang out with your friends and have great conversations, people stop by to talk about how they accidently flashed people, and you have lengthy cell phone conversations.  I’ve gone from a great mood today to virtually homicidal, because there has been a series of about 8 instances (8!  seriously!) just this afternoon where people cannot figure out that when you’re in a library, particularly a law school library that you SHUT THE FUCK UP OR LEAVE.  

okay, i’m done venting.


right now i hate those people.  if you are one of them, i hate you.  i can’t get my paper done because of you.  

i also now understand that it’s my job to invest in earplugs, not your job to leave when you want to talk, so the rest of us can have what a library is supposed to be – a quiet study environment.



public play area gripe

Posted in Life in general with tags , , , , on Tuesday 24 February 2009 by amanda

kieran and i were at the mall play area the other day (where food and drink are prohibited), and a kid around 3 or 4 years old was running around with gummy snacks.  i was REALLY pissed, because Kieran started following this kid around because he wanted his snacks, and started to cry when he couldn’t have any.  I really wanted to yell at the parents of the kid, but surprise surprise, they were nowhere to be found…so that’s my gripe today.  Am I out of line for being upset that parents would let their kids run around a public play area with a snack where there aren’t supposed to be snacks, and then my kid cries because (1) i won’t let him have those snacks, and (2) the other kid wouldn’t share anyway (he ran away).

defending blatant racism…

Posted in Life in general with tags , , on Wednesday 18 February 2009 by amanda

would anyone like to try to explain to me how this is not racist?  how is a chimp shot in CT connected to the stimulus package?  can you somehow explain that this is not a racist reference to Obama’s personal project of the stimulus package?  i doubt it, but try me.

New York Post cartoon

fiscal responsibility in real life

Posted in Life in general with tags on Friday 4 April 2008 by amanda

Going For Broke is an excellent article in this week’s New Yorker. Saying something that I echo in sentiment better than I EVER could, the article largely talks about fiscal responsibility. With the current housing crisis and families and companies going belly-up all over the country, there is a great deal of mixed feeling concerning bail-outs (or help). some people argue that individuals are simply not responsible enough, and need to face the consequences of irresponsible amounts of debt taken on. others blame the corporations that offered the loans/mortgages to people that could not repay them.

the fact is that the corporations that made bad and irresponsible decisions are getting bailed out (but only top execs – regular workers are losing jobs) but the people that made irresponsible decisions to borrow money are just getting screwed. essentially, in my view, individuals are being held responsible, but corporations are not. they are getting raked over the coals by congress, but really they will just continue on. the people that make the big money at CitiGroup will continue to do so.

and regulation, so far as I know, isn’t changing a whole lot. now you have to put money down to buy a house, but, as the article talks about, it’s ridiculously easy to borrow more than one can really afford. the current regulations assure that no matter what, lenders (especially credit card companies) come out ahead or even, and many consumers get screwed.

well, of course we have to bail out companies, some will say. because if a company goes down, it really hits the economy hard. true. but what about 20,000 families? if they are deep in debt and can’t get out, and don’t spend money and are losing jobs, doesn’t THAT also hit the economy hard? perhaps letting people off the hook does tend to encourage further irresponsibility, knowing it can be just written off, but how differently does it really work for corporations than for individuals?

bottom line: it seems to me that individuals are held to account, whereas the corporations are allowed to do as they please, at the expense of just about everybody.

Here’s the whole article:

Going for Broke

by James Surowiecki April 7, 2008

In recent months, a lot of people have been handed financial get-out-of-jail-free cards. C.E.O.s who presided over billions in losses have walked away with tens of millions in compensation. The Federal Reserve has showered cheap money on banks and brokerages. Even Bear Stearns caught a break when, last week, J. P. Morgan agreed to quintuple the price it will pay to take over the firm. But there’s one group for whom forgiveness has not been forthcoming: ordinary consumers struggling with piles of credit-card debt. For them, escaping the burden of their bad decisions and their bad luck has become much harder.

That’s because of a law that Congress passed in 2005 which has made it more difficult for people to write off their debts. Filing for bankruptcy has become much more expensive. More important, while lower-income people can still declare Chapter 7, which takes away your assets but then discharges your debts, most middle- and higher-income people now have to declare Chapter 13. That means they have to pay their creditors monthly for five years before they’re free. Continue reading

five effing years.

Posted in Life in general with tags on Wednesday 19 March 2008 by amanda

it makes my heart, my head and my soul hurt.